Introduction to eCigarette Batteries

Everything You Need to Know About E-cig Batteries

E-cigarettes are a great way for people to enjoy nicotine while eliminating some of the negative effects of traditional cigarettes. People everywhere are making the change for numerous reasons. E-cigarettes are less damaging to your health, more environmentally-friendly, cheaper, and they have great flavors. With e-cigarettes, the user doesn’t have to buy new cigarettes every day. They buy one device and simply refill the cartridge or tank when necessary. All the user must do is charge the device when not using it. Charging specs are debatable the most important aspect of choosing an e-cigarette. After all, your e-cigarette becomes useless if it’s dead when you want it. Some e-cigarette batteries charge faster than others, and some last longer than others. Here is a quick introduction to different e-cigarette batteries.

Understanding the battery

To make the right decision for what mod (main vaping device) will suit you, you have to understand the battery. mAh stands for milliampere-hour. The milliampere-hour represents the volume of charge the battery can contain. For most smokers, 180 mAh will support your needs, but people who smoke more might enjoy the batteries with 350 mAh. For a general idea, 280 mAh can provide about 400 puffs before the battery needs to be recharged. Larger batteries can potentially limit your e-cigarette options. Some of the larger batteries won’t fit into the small cigarette-sized devices. You might need something larger to fit the battery, so you will have to get the appropriate device. Don’t make the mistake of making your decision on the style of the device instead of the battery, though. Focus on functionality instead of style.

Similar to cell phone batteries, the more often that a battery needs to charge, the more quickly its mAh depreciates. This means that batteries that need to be charged more often also need to be replaced more often. It’s also best to let the battery charge completely when you do charge it. This helps reduce how often you have to charge the battery.

Evaluate your smoking habits

One of the important things that you should do before purchasing a mod is evaluate your own smoking habits. It’s important to be as realistic as possible. If you’ve used e-cigarettes before you can gauge how that battery worked for you and go from there. If you’re new to e-cigarettes, this might be more difficult for you. Estimate how much you smoke regular cigarettes. Keep in mind that you never have to hold off until you get to the store to buy a new pack. You might use your e-cigarette a little more since you have it with you all of the time. Estimate exactly how much battery life you will need to keep the battery alive for an entire day.

Automatic Mods

Some smaller devices have an automatic battery that allows you to smoke whenever you feel the need without pressing any buttons. These batteries only come in smaller devices. Luckily, they don’t take very long to charge, but the battery doesn’t last as long as larger batteries. Also, these batteries can stall on occasion.

Variable Voltage Mods

Some complex batteries for larger mods allow you to adjust the voltage of the battery. These mods are best for experienced vapers who want to give themselves the best hits possible. Adjusting the voltage can provide the user the experience that best matches their preferences. Some more complex mods will even allow people to adjust the voltage in line with their atomizer.

 Box Mods 

Box Mods are a vaping device with inbuilt functionality such as variable voltage and wattage options, temperature control and more. Box Mod rechargeable batteries are some of the best on the market because the size of the unit allows for larger batteries. In fact, most can hold a charge for two days before it needs to be recharged. This is great for someone who smokes a lot or does not want to replace the battery for a long time.

Choosing Your E-cigarette

As mentioned before, the larger batteries require larger devices. Do NOT be tempted to base your purchase on the look of your device instead of the battery. That is a very amateur mistake that could reduce the experience and discourage the use of your new device.

Keep in mind that some devices don’t provide for the user to change the battery. They must use the same battery that they came with. This means that the user can’t simply buy a new battery- they have to replace the entire unit. Financially, this is not the best option. It will end up costing the user more to buy new devices every time the battery needs to be replaced.

Extending the life of your battery

The battery will diminish with time no matter what you do. However, there are plenty of ways to ensure that the battery lasts as long as possible.

First, use the battery. These batteries are designed to be used regularly. Not using it can cause the battery’s capacity to weaken. If you are planning to hold off for some time, store the battery in a cool place and store the battery when it is roughly at 40% is possible.

Protect the battery in a case. This will protect it from the elements (especially heat and sunlight) and physical damage.

Maintain the battery properly. You may not realize that you should clean your battery terminals on occasion. Simply rub tip down with a Q-tip.

Finally, turn the mod off when you’re not using it. You’d be surprised how many people make that simple mistake and regret it later when they want to use their device but can’t.


The biggest worry with e-cigarette rechargeable batteries is that if they are not cared for properly, they can explode. While this is rare nowadays, it’s still important to know how to prevent this from happening.

Do not get the batteries wet. Also, keep the battery from getting too hot. If you follow those two small rules, you should be fine.


The battery is an important part of choosing an e-cigarette. Take the time to research the batter that you purchase compared to others in the market. You want your vaping experience to be as good as possible. If you don’t choose the right battery, you will not be able to use the e-cigarette to the most of its ability.

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